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Avanquest PDF Experte 9 Professional Free Download With Serial Number

Hello Dear Visitors,

This is the Avanquest PDF Experte 9 Professional available to free download with serial Number.

Avanquest PDF Experte 9 Professional, the German version of Expert PDF 9 Converter, is a complete, affordable PDF alternative to Adobe Acrobat. It includes a set of modules for working with PDF files and a print driver that generates PDF documents from any program that can print documents.

With the print driver, you can create PDF files as easily as if you were printing a document to a regular printer. The print driver also integrates with Microsoft Office programs for you to quickly convert Microsoft Office documents into PDF files. You can merge several documents into a single PDF and send it automatically by email. On the other hand, Avanquest PDF Experte 9 Professional also includes a module for converting PDF to Word to retrieve the contents of your PDF for you to modify the file. 


  • Convert any file into PDF format – Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc – in one click
  • Convert PDF files into Word documents
  • Seamless integration into Microsoft Office toolbar
  • All-in-one PDF solution – Edit, Create and Convert PDF documents
  • New user interface!

How To Download And Get Serial Number

Note: Avanquest may blacklist the given license after a certain time (they did so in many Giveaways), so try at your own risk.

1. Go to this giveaway page (German), here (English), enter required details and submit the  form.

2. An email with a Confirmation link will be sent to your email.

3. Click on that Confirmation link and you will get your free serial number for Avanquest PDF Experte 9Professional.

4,  Download Avanquest PDF Experte 9 Professional : PDF_Experte_V9_Professional_TRIAL_AQDE.exe [German Version, but we have a trick to change it into English easily]. I have tried to find a working English Version from Avanquest site, but no success. Anyone find the download link for English version please comment below to let us known, thanks!

5. Install the program. After finishing the installation, close the program. We now need to change the user interface into English. Use any one of the two methods below.

Method One:-

Change this registry. For Windows Xp, go to Start > Run , type Regedit and click Ok; For Windows Vista/7, type Regedit in the Start Menu’s Search box to Launch Regedit. Then Navigate to the following paths:

  • Windows x32: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREAvanquestPDF PrinterDriver]
  • Windowns x64: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeAvanquestPDF PrinterDriver]

Change (Right Click and Modify) the value of “locale” from “deu” to “enu”.

Method Two:-

Go to the installation path, the default path is  “C:\Program Files\Avanquest\PDF Experte 9 Professional”. Search and find all .deu files and delete them. Done, it should be English Now.

6. Go to “Help” and “Register Full Version”, and unlock full version with received serial number. If you received a message that your license is invalid, please double check the details you entered, especially making sure there are no extra spaces at the beginning or the end of the license.

Also please note that if you use Chrome / Gmail, turn off the automatic language translation feature first to copy and paste the serial key. Google Translate will give you an incorrect input and not allow the registration.

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