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CodeFluent Entities Professional Free Download Full Version

Hello Dear Visitors,

This is the CodeFluent Entities Professional available to free download full version during SOS giveaway offer that is valid for only 7 days till March 30, 2014. Act fast and grab it.

With CodeFluent Entities you an able to generate a SQL Server database from it as well as your full featured (data binding, paging, sorting, validation, concurrency, etc.) .NET classes (C# or VB.NET).
CodeFluent Entities is a model-first tool for continuous generation of all your application layers that preserves your custom code.


  • SQL Server Producer
  • C# / VB .NET BOM Producer
  • Template producer
  • SQL Template producer
  • Linq-to-Sql Producer
  • Exec Producer 
  • Patch Producer
  • Aspect-Oriented Modeling
  • SQL Server importer
  • SQL Server CE importer
  • Access Importer
  • Entity Framework Importer
  • MySql Importer

How To Download And Get Full Version

Just all you need to go to this SOS promo page and click on "Download It Now" button.

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