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O&O Syspectr Pro Free Download For 1 Year With License Key

Hello Dear Visitors,

This the O&O Syspectr Pro available to free download with license key for 1 year during giveaway offer but i don't how long running this giveaway offer.

O&O Syspectr Pro is a handy and powerful tool for remotely managing PCs and servers (requires a Server license of O&O Syspectr) from your browser. O&O Syspectr monitors PCs and servers behind the scenes and gives you a complete overview of your entire Windows infrastructure: running processes, installed software, Windows security issues (UAC turned off, missing antivirus software, a failing firewall), connected USB devices, basic hard drive details (space free/ used, S.M.A.R.T. status), and more


A number of modules are already currently available. The functionality and list of modules in O&O Syspectr is constantly expanding.
  • “Hardware” with detailed information about the hardware and the operating system
  • Software” shows the programs installed on the computer
  • “Hard Disk” lists the hard drives connected and information on the used space
  • Windows Security” to monitor Windows security settings and installed anti -virus solutions
  • “USB Monitor” to monitor and block USB storage devices
  • “Hard disk health (O&O DriveLED)” evaluates information from hard drives, warns of impending malfunctions via SMART, for example when a critical operating temperature is exceeded or frequent read-write errors
  • “Remote Desktop” is displayed in the browser
  • “Remote Console” to open a command line on the remote computer
  • “Process Watcher” with white and black lists for monitoring processes and services
System Requirements:- O&O Syspectr can be used on any Windows system from XP and Windows 2003 Server as well as on virtual machines.

How To Download And Get License

Register now for free with no obligations for your personal full version of O&O Syspectr. The license is valid for one year and it will be automatically entered and activated in your account. More info on the promo page here.

Alternative offer

  1. Log-in to your O&O Syspectr account or register here
  2. In O&O Syspectr select “My account” (click on your name top right)
  3. Select the link “Licenses”
  4. Enter your O&O product serial number in the top field (e.g. O&O Defrag 17 Pro)
  5. The license will be checked and a new O&O Syspectr Pro license for one year and one PC will be created
  6. Simply repeat this process with all your current O&O product licenses in order to add additional PCs
  7. Your Are Done!

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