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Dr.Web Security Space 9.0 Free Download with 3 Months Serial Key

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Hello Dear Visitors,

This is the Dr.Web Security Space 9.0 available to free download with its free 3 months serial key.
This giveaway offer is valid for only May 20, 2014

Dr.Web Security Space 9.0 is a good anti-virus application can detect viruses. Deleting an infected file that may contain important information is one thing, but restoring the file to its original, healthy state is entirely another. Dr.Web is immune to any attempts by malicious programs to disrupt its operation. Dr.Web SelfPROtect is a unique anti-virus component that maintains anti-virus security.

It is not enough to identify an unknown virus—the system must be cured of it. For Trojans, this usually means that the malicious code is removed from the system. But what if the malware has encrypted files or system settings, so that a hacker can penetrate the system again and again? In the case of modern Trojans, curing encompasses a set of measures which include placing the unknown malicious object detected by Dr.Web  

The customizable options allow users to select the directories they want to protect against data loss (files that are to be backed up), and the disk they want to use to store copies of the protected files (the backup location). Users can also set up a schedule (how often "snapshots" of the selected directories are to be taken) and perform an on-demand inspection of data at any time (backup protected files upon request).

Dr.Web 9.0 for Windows boasts much improved scanning speed.

The SpIDer Gate component in Dr.Web 9.0 for Windows makes use of a separate database containing a list of sites that provide access to unlicensed content. Each database entry also contains a link to the site of the respective copyright owner. 


  1. Detection of new, unknown threats
  2. New level of effectiveness in the neutralisation of unknown threats and the protection of data
  3. Comprehensive analyser of packed threats—unique Dr.Web technology!
  4. Increased performance
  5. Full scan of all traffic
  6. With Dr.Web Parental Control, removable devices and computers can be protected against unauthorised use.
  7. Protection of copyrighted content
  8. New Dr.Web firewall databases herald a new, ultimate user-friendly approach to protection

How To Download And Get Free Serial Key

Interested users just need to visit the promo page here (Page in Russian), enter your name, email address, and the promotional code: лидер

You will receive your free 3 months serial number for Dr.Web Security Space 9.0 by email. If the license e-mail hasn’t arrived within 15 minutes after your submit your email, please check your spam, promotions or junk mail folder to locate it.
Follow the instructions below to download and active your Dr.Web produces.
  1. If Dr.Web is already installed in the system, right-click on its icon in the system tray and select Tools –> License Manager (if the License Manager item is not available, switch to administrative mode). In the License Manager window, click Get new license, specify the serial number and registration data. Dr.Web will automatically download the key file and install it in the correct directory.
  2. If Dr.Web is not installed on your computer, download the program distribution from Dr.web website, and run the installer. During installation enter your serial number and get the key file. Key file will be downloaded and installed in the correct directory automatically.

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