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Aoao Watermark for Photo With Free License Key by WanNewSoft

Aoao Watermark for Photo feature image by www.wantnewsoft.blogspot.com

Hello Reader,

This is the Aoao Watermark for Photo available to free download with license key for only till March 30th 2015 by WantNewSoft .

Aoao Watermark for Photo provides professional photo protection solutions for people's digital photos - ZERO Image Quality Loss and Faster Speed. It's the best effective way to protect your photo's copyright and avoid from unauthorized using.

Aoao Watermark for Photo image 2 by www.wantnewsoft.blogspot.com

Specific Functions

  1. Customized visible or transparent watermarks(text, image and frame
  2. Batch watermarking ( watermarking 300 photos less than 1 minute
  3. Full control over placement and size of your photo watermark
  4. Awesome watermark library ( 150 + free watermark materials)
  5. Convert images to popular image formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, etc. 

Get License

First go to the official Aoao Watermark for Photo homepage http://www.aoaophoto.com/watermark/Details.htm and download.

Download And Install the Aoao Watermark for Photo and use this universal key  AO-AWMB-AEFB200781-0022FFBDE9-6E21E8F2EE  Please contribute us to like us on  TwitterFacebook, Google+
Remember That the key will work before March 30th 2015.

Source : Aoao 
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